Friday, June 8, 2012


“I love my son…I love my son…I love my son…”

Yes, judging Mc. Judgerson’s sometimes I have to remind myself of that. If you have never been in that place with your, which I can only assume, are alien children, I commend you – go eat a cookie.

I AM NOT THAT MOMMY…I have pretty much had it with the hitting, kicking, back talking, blatant ignoring, and overall jerkness that my 3 ½ year old displays on a daily basis.

He wants to go outside to play with his friends…he goes outside – he’s a brat.

We keep him inside…as a punishment for being a brat – he’s a brat.

He wants to play on the iPad…he plays on the iPad – he’s a brat.

We tell him he can’t play on the punishment for being a brat – he’s a brat.

He wants to take a bath, not a shower…he takes a bath – he’s a brat.

We don’t let him choose…he gets a bath – he’s a brat.

He wants to have a treat for eating his dinner…he gets a treat – he’s a brat.

We stop bribing with treats…lost that privilege – he’s a brat.


When did my sweet, funny, active little son flip the “I want to do nothing more that tick you off” switch?

Is it his age?

Is it because he is jealous of Chloe?

Is it because he hates me?

Is he is a crazy person?

Last weekend I literally had to call my mom, in TEARS and ask her, “WHAT DO I DO? He is going crazy!” (yes…I literally said that)

It’s a long story, but it ended with me picking him up out of the tub –
carrying him to his bedroom – when I slipped onto the bathroom tile (while I was carrying him)
from all the water he threw all over the bathroom.

Again…long story and NOT one of my finer moments.

My mom (who is PERFECT) gave me the best advice, “I’m coming over – stay away from him!”

I was at the end of my rope, but thanks to my mom, not alone.

She did come over, not to rescue him, but as support for me and to give me a break before I snapped.

She sternly put him back in his room and took my side in the tantrum fest.

After Brody finally passed out (asleep), shirtless on his bedroom floor – I was able to just sit and talk with my mom.

My mom is a very patient person, so I asked her if she ever screamed and yelled at us… “You kids drove me nuts!” she said – ah, a sigh of relief, because I don’t remember it one bit – there is hope that Brody won’t remember these fits either.

That night, after I had calmed down, and heeding my mom’s advice, I went into his room, sat him up, put on his shirt, gave him a hug, kissed his little mouth and tucked him in.

He laid there asleep, but still sniffling – exhausted from his screaming tantrum.

*enter guilt*

My mom once said…”as a mom, there are always 2 things; laundry and guilt.”

True story.

WOW…after all that stress and anger he made me feel, when it was all said and done - I sure do love that kid. I can totally understand that feeling of loving something to the core of who you are – which is why I get so angry at his actions…

I HATE sending him to his room…I want to SEE him.

  I HATE yelling at him…I want to TALK about his day.

I HATE spanking him…I want to HUG him.
(yes, we spank. If you work for CPS, come get me…I need a vacation anyway)

This has been the most exhausting phase to date…
(I am certain it’s a phase – if it lasted too long…there would be a lot more INSANE people around).

If you made it through and you are not an alcoholic, clinically insane or in jail –


It’s just a good thing kids are so stinking cute!

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  1. You and I are the same person. Enough said.